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Bubbletopia is a multidisciplinary project built around the utopian narrative of a future where bubbles are the only living spaces for humans. The isolating entity of a bubble by definition merges with a community-empowering undertone, generating a temporary paradoxical escape from our 24/7 lives.


The ephemeral scenes depicted include elements from currently endangered ecosystems and contribute to the collective imagination of the sci-fi story’s setting. Picturing idyllic futures often raises questions around the standing reality and it urges speculative solutions for the benefit of its inhabitants. The design of an actual bubble, accessible by everyone in need of a break from the overwhelming frenzy of our daily life, could contribute to implementing such a mindset thus raising awareness around the necessity to build a more serene and collaborative future starting from the present. 


Bubbletopia was showcased in December 2019 as part of the Rare Known exhibition at the Dyson Gallery (London). 

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