During this project, I was mostly inspired by Camille Paglia’s theories on equity feminism and her debatable thoughts on today’s rape culture. I share the view that women are not fragile beings constantly in need of being protected and, if independent, they should also be mindful about the world’s dangers. At the same time, however, I believe in human empathy and in acknowledging feelings of others as a primary tool to help in any healing process.

“Outofthebox”, despite potentially upsetting some viewers with its controversial tone, is meant to take a strong stance for the victims of sexual assaults, regardless of their gender or the entity of their trauma, denouncing and reminding what should not be blindly accepted by any society. A violation is not necessarily 'rape' and that doesn’t make it any less painful but society has slowly taught us to look the other way on minor offences, leading to some of the victims not feeling entitled to denounce their offenders.


I wanted to question how overlooking upon their trauma could reinforce the violation so my artefact translated as a call-to-action to acknowledge the pain and condemn the action. The vagina, or the sculpted idea of a vagina, is fully visible from one side of the box to mimic this eye-opening and guide the viewers through its narrative.