This project developed from a collaboration between creatives tackling the issue of uncertainty in our times and enabling younger generations to cope through self-introspection, humour and acceptance. Discussing the thinking of Zygmunt Bauman in “Liquid Times”, we felt the fears and insecurities related to uncertainties were something everyone could, to some extent, relate to. The manifesto, crafted after talking to students from different cultural backgrounds, focused on the one only certainty we could all mostly agree on: death and its inevitability. The message of this satirically-presented manifesto, promoting creation as a means to cheat death, was that if death’s certainty could be mitigated, then all the other uncertainties in life would become potentially reversible too and, therefore, more bearable.

I decided to explore the fear linked to dying alone or forgotten by the world, as I was inspired by Pablo Picasso’s last years when he would sign everyday objects to desperately leave his mark.