This body of work was developed to experiment and further develop my practice and the paradigm(s) where it could belong. The outcome was not, therefore, meant to be a resolved final artefact but a cohesive system of practical investigations with underlining common threads, accompanied by thorough research- es in artists that inspired or remind- ed of my intents, as Mona Hatoum, Sarah Lucas, Louise Bourgeois, and others. Starting from “Outofthebox”, my aim was to continue exploring the tensions between sexual innuendos and explicit imagery, between the uncomfortable and the norm, between what is socially acceptable and what isn't, but mostly why.

The biomorphic aspect of these interactive sculptures turned into a more psychological query and fascination towards the inner tensions that can sometimes even overwhelm someone, especially in cases of mental illnesses, like an Eating Disorder. Such conclusion was also reinforced by the feedback received from people about the shapes and emotions generated by the bundles: a sense of constriction, yet embracement, throughout the actual sculptures as well as within the viewers themselves, to some extent. The graphic works and the third video mostly evolved around these points: the tensions within the natural world and its elements, and human beings’ inner conflicts, bound to explode just like the contents left in a microwave for too long.