This project explores the dynamics of an Eating Disorder developing in individuals in the early and mid-stages of an illness typical course. It has been created in collaboration with former patients and therapists to generate a realistic feel of how living with an ED is like.

By portraying one of the many possible voice(s) of the disease, the hope was to increase people’s awareness and empathy. My ultimate goal was to expand the level of understanding of the caregivers and friends of someone currently battling a disease, to enable greater support and a faster successful full recovery.

This installation was inspired by the rooms of Sarah Hobbs, “Psychological Traces”, where humour meets a commitment to normalise what society often places in an outcast position, and video works by Samuel Beckett, such as “Not I”, “All That I Am”, and “Breath”, whit their minimalist rawness simultaneously intriguing and generating discomfort in the viewers. “Vociferantur” questions our society’s preconceptions about mental illnesses and people suffer- ing from an eating disorder. There is more beyond the myth and opening real conversations around the issue is one of the tools that can benefit both the individuals and their support systems, as well as the whole society and future generations to come.