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Inspired by the urgent need to raise awareness and act to correct ongoing human exploitation of the planet’s natural resources and ecosystems, I made this short video to speculate about the transformations that could occur to our gut if we were to live only on a jellyfish-based diet. I wanted to focus on how the commercialization of jellyfish chips is once again a tiny patch over a gun wound and it does not address the route of the problem (excessive consumerism) in any way.


In collaboration with Dr Tinkara Tinta, doctor and biochemist in Marine Microbial Ecology, I have researched the potential implications of jellyfishes in our bodies focusing especially on the pathogens, heavy metals and microplastics they carry along. These are in fact part of the main reason why the commercialization of jellyfishes as food has not yet happened in the Western world and it is further proof of the human impact on oceanic ecosystems, way more than the increasing presence of jellyfishes (which as Dr Tinta pointed out, it’s hard to monitor altogether).


This speculative work is mostly a critique against the current acts of fake activism that are circulating and it carries the message “We eat what we created in the first place -and we will have to deal with the consequences one way or another”. 

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