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Reconnecting To ... aims at bringing awareness to the impact social media has on our daily lives and how this impact is negatively translated into a loss of individualism and the absence of a support system other than the one found via the use of technology. Social media has an important role in building communities and networks. However, this aspect of social media should also be found offline. A crossover should exist between online and physical communities and help develop more face-to-face contacts. This is when individualism comes to play in a collaborative manner as we should welcome an inclination towards individual or altruistic benefits for others.


It is about creating a moment in time in which awareness of the accelerated use of social media is brought by via an interactive art piece in which potentially unintended and transformative activities can take place whether it be in presence of the installation or afterwards.

This project was created in collaboration with Jade Removille as a part of the Revele Design Studio (RVL) portfolio. 

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