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The Myco Bodhi started in December 2020 as an exploration of mycelium consciousness and how this might be applied to future sustainable architecture projects. The core idea of the subsequent speculations was that we could eventually create a world where plants, or fungi, in this case, would not only coexist with our most advanced technologies but thrive on each other in a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Inspired by the Flora Robotica project (EU-Horizon 2020 Future and Emerging Technologies Proactive Action), this project is as much of a speculative design as it is a research one. The aim was to propose a possible future scenario, contributing to the existing creative research, and to spike further inputs/outputs from others working towards a similar goal. Thus promoting a conversation around our allocation of resources as a society. Where shall we focus on while building more circular economies that can survive through time in harmony with the habitats surrounding them? But mostly, what can we learn from the mycelium network as a living organism?

The final structure proposed is a futuristic greenhouse made of tubular hexagons, each containing mycelium and wires to allow for the data transfer. The modular aspect of the design assures its circularity: once the mycelium in a tube dies it can easily be emptied in the garden as fertiliser and refilled with new substrate. Thus allowing for multiple applications of the same structure in different case scenarios and scales, from a large outdoor garden to a panelled wall in someone’s home.

Scan the QR code or click on the link to access the whole publication. 

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