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This project started from the re-experiencing of London and its underground network, following an imaginary tube line, the “T Line”, partnering with an interior design student. Considering the noise pollution generated by the tube, and the anxiety or distress that it can generate to daily commuters, we felt the need to address it through an interactive sculpture. From the protocols of Grocke and Wigram on receptive sound therapy and its beneficial applications, we wanted to repurpose those disturbing noises and generate a soothing track.

The project’s name itself had a pivotal meaning: in Latin the word transeo means, in fact, to pass through. Inspired by The Public Toilet Map of London, we envisioned a pipe-like structure that, similarly to a toilet’s water cycle, would take away the unpleasantness and give it back in a more enjoyable format, tackling mild anxiety and stress in urban environments while promoting open-mindedness. 

“Transeo” also wanted to show how we sometimes assess things as firmly bad while, by changing them or our perception of them, we could have a completely different experience. Often it’s just a matter of perspective.

This project was created in collaboration with Jade Removille as a part of the Revele Design Studio (RVL) portfolio. 

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